CASE STUDY FOR Consumer Goods: On Page SEO


When the Project of “ON Page” SEO optimization was completed. The next big goal for us was that the clients wanted to increase organic traffic for broad as well as for very competitive national keywords. To achieve this goal, a very high-level implementation of content writing and link building strategy is needed, to overcome this problem and achieve this goal, Trafficora is here for you to achieve your goals. Trafficora will implement its unique strategy and will increase organic traffic, in less than a year period.


“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

Well, it’s a universal fact that to do something new, you need a good strategy and a deep understanding of the problem.

After reviewing the SEO work of numerous websites, we found that they are still using outdated techniques to rank a website. We are living in the ERA of Technology. Updates are coming day by day, if

We miss a single day without update (or to work regarding updates), we are behind from others in years.

It’s a pleasure to share that Trafficora found many missed opportunities in conjunction with outdated and over-aggressive SEO techniques. We found many flaws in numerous famous ranking website techniques regarding their strategies.

Trafficora which is using its very unique strategy which is according to the rules of Google will help you in the Ranking website.

Keywords are everything in the world of SEO. Trafficora worked a lot in reviewing the keywords searching for users. Trafficora worked day and night to identify the missed opportunities by the:-

  1. Account seasonality
  2. Relevancy of the Topic
  3. Transactional phrases.

Today you have to keep in your mind that every new keyword search is required to make several additional “ON Page SEO” recommendations and revisions than the previous strategy. The new strategy Trafficora is using focused on long term SEO tactics includes:-

  • Conversion optimization
  • Usability (Panda Proofing, Google Algorithm)
  • Remapping keywords to hyper-relevant & transactional pages on a client’s website.


The most awaited and best part is the result of hard work and patience.

After a fruitful 12-month campaign, Trafficora increased the client’s organic search traffic remarkably by 165% (proud moment) which resulted in an increase in online revenue of up to 200%. While the best thing is the client is also checking the increased engagement metric such as pages per visit as well as lowered bounce rate (going to another page without staying on the current one). It’s an honor to share with you that their quality of inbound traffic also increased their e-commerce conversion rate by 26%, transactional count by 235%. The results of 12 months are below. The monthly growth rate is shown here.

Quick Summary of this case study:-


  • To increase organic traffic for broad keywords.
  • To increase organic traffic for competitive national keywords.


  • Organic traffic increased by 165%.
  • Online revenue increased by 192%.
  • E-commerce conversion rate lifted by 26%.
  • Transaction count increased by 235%